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Chard.Net is a website design and online service company that works specifically with small law firms and legal non-profit organizations. We provide one-stop shopping for everything these businesses need to grow and excel online.

In business since 2000, Chard.Net has always worked with solos and small firms. We understand how law firms operate, grow and succeed. Our president, Brendan Chard, speaks at multiple CLE and State Bar events each year, presenting on website design, internet marketing and technology related topics. [ view company news ]

Our Philosophy

On Website Design: It is our belief that every client is unique and is successful in part because of that uniqueness. Our law firm clients are in the business of serving people, and when their clients hire them, it's often a very personal decision. As much as is possible, we bring the unique qualities of our clients into their website design, to effectively and seamlessly extend their personality and business onto the web.

On Customer Service: If there is one-thing that we are passionate about it is great customer service. At Chard.Net, we take a great deal of time to understand and establish the expectations of our clients. With that in place, we can set about meeting and exceeding those expectations.

On Our People: Quite simply, we seek out people who love and are excellent at what they do, and trust them to do it. With this simple approach we create an exciting environment where people that have completely different talents and interests are joined together to create something they couldn't do alone. [ meet our staff ]

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