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Internet Marketing

Drive targeted traffic to your website at get leads on new clients with a pay-per-click campaign designed and managed by Chard.Net.

Affordable, Sensible, Specific
With a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign your advertisement only shows when the viewer has searched for keywords specified in your campaign, even better is that you are only charged when a viewer clicks on your ad and goes to your website. Your campaign can even target specific geographic regions.

Reports and Results
With Chard.Net search engine marketing services you will be able to see how your campaign is performing and generating new business. Until recently it was difficult to trace a potential client on your website to a client in your office but with advanced reporting and website functions this is no longer a mystery.

Chard.Net Advantages
Yahoo Search AmbassadorWith years of experience working with law firms and service businesses Chard.Net is poised to understand your business and clients. We have earned the Yahoo Ambassador certificate for completing training and exam on search engine marketing. Best of all is that we have clients that are getting tremendous returns on their investment in Chard.Net search marketing services.

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