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Like all of our services, our website hosting is designed with the working professional in mind. We not only offer the speed, stability and bandwidth you'd expect from a top tier host, but services and features that are personally valuable to busy professionals such as you.

Easy Content Update System: With our Chard.Net C-editor, if you can use MS Word or WordPerfect, you can update your website. The system allows you to log into your website and make quick updates to content. For advanced changes, simply e-mail Requests for updates are typically completed within one business day.


FullSite Hosting MiniSite Hosting E-Mail Only Hosting
Price $40.00/mo* $25.00/mo* $15.00/mo*
E-Mail accounts 10+ 5+ 5+
Content update system Yes Yes N/A
Toll-free phone support Yes Yes Yes
24/7/365 network monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Battery and generator backup Yes Yes Yes
Reliable new Equipment Yes Yes Yes
Live web statistics Yes Yes N/A
Unlimited e-mail aliases Yes Yes Yes
Dual virus blocking Yes Yes Yes
Spam filtering Yes Yes Yes
Database Support Yes No N/A
Online Forms Yes No N/A

* Additional e-mail accounts available in packs of 5 for $10.00/month

Security and Spam »

Chard.Net utilizes multiple software packages to ensure your e-mail is virus, fraud and spam free. Each message is subjected to:

  • Dual virus scanners that update every hour
  • 30,000+ anti-spam rules
  • Bayesian statistical analysis
  • Live blacklist checks
  • Anti-fraud checks

The system is entirely automated and typically requires no advanced configuration by the user. Once spam is identified it is simply deleted so your inbox doesn't get junked up.

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